[Webinar] Save Time & Sell More This Open Enrollment Season With AgencyBloc

Are you ready to save time and increase sales this Open Enrollment season? Agencies using an industry-specific AMS have saved 40-50 hours in client communication and sold more policies, and we'll show you how in this webinar.

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Ready for your best Open Enrollment season yet?!

More specifically, are you ready to save 100+ hours and increase sales this Open Enrollment season?

In this webinar, Steve from our team guides you through how to use an agency management system, like AgencyBloc, to ease your workload and help your team get more done with less effort this Open Enrollment season. 

We'll cover:

  • Lead & sales management best practices
  • Automating client communication
  • Managing clients, policies, and agents in one system
  • Cutting commissions processing time by 75% + Brokers Compensation Disclosure tips
  • Easily identifying cross-sell opportunities
  • Setting yourself up for success next year

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steve-ogdenSteve Ogden
Sales Manager

What will insurance agencies use to be more efficient this OEP?

Life and health insurance agencies are turning to automation tools to save 100+ hours in client communication before and during Open Enrollment. Not only that, they can save at least 6 hours per week in lead distribution using these same tools. Learn more about automation tools in this webinar!

How do agencies use automation during OEP?

Agencies use automation to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Using data in your agency management system (AMS) such as policy dates and statuses, client interactions, and carrier information, you’re able to trigger when emails should be sent and activities created. We'll cover more areas you can use automation during OEP in this webinar.

How can you use an AMS this OEP?

An agency management system (AMS) is technology insurance agencies use to manage their contacts, policies, agents, carriers, and more. Plus, in systems like AgencyBloc, agencies can also process commissions and use automation. Use an AMS this enrollment season to streamline your processes and improve your lead conversion and client retention rates.