[Free Templates] Client Retention Emails & Workflow Recipes

Use these plain-text email templates and workflow automation recipes to promote retention within your client-base.

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Gain a Leg-Up on Your Competition With Boosted Retention

It’s no secret that client retention is the name of the game for insurance agencies. The higher the retention rate you have, the better chance your book of business has to grow and reach your goals.

Using an agency management system to manage your client base can help you be proactive with your retention efforts. Combine the powers of workflow automation and email marketing to ensure you perform necessary client touch points throughout the year to keep your clients happy and well-informed.

These plain-text templates provide you with messaging you can take and use immediately. They’re completely flexible, so you can edit as needed.

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What templates are included?

Templates included in this download:

  • Happy Birthday
  • Client Anniversary
  • Monthly Newsletter (Individual & Group)
  • AEP/OEP Reminder
  • Turning 65

Can I edit these templates?

Absolutely! Any email you send should always reflect your agency's brand and communication style. Use these templates and workflow automation recipes as inspiration for creating your own to be used by your agents and advisors. 

How do I use these template?

These templates are in PDF and Microsoft Word format. Open them in your program of choice and edit. If you're using AgencyBloc, the variable data fields  and the adjoining workflows will be familiar. If you aren't, definitions for each have been provided so you can use your email provider's version of these fields. Accompanying workflow automation will depend on the services your system provides.