[Templates] Agent Recruitment Email & Text Messaging Templates + Workflow Recipes

Agent recruitment is a pivotal part of any health insurance agency or upline. Use the workflow and email template recipes to streamline the process and find top candidates.

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How to Successfully Recruit New Health Insurance Agents

For many insurance retail agencies and uplines, the goal is growth — and growing can often mean bringing on more agents.

Whether they’re internal, downline, or 1099 agents, agent recruitment is a pivotal part of any organization’s future planning and success. Use these templates to reach out and connect with potential agents and agencies to increase contracts and achieve your organization’s goals. 

Email templates included are:

  • Cold Recruitment
  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy Holidays
  • Enrollment Season Recruitment
  • Referrals

Then, see how you can use automation to communicate more efficiently. Download the templates now to get started!

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When should I recruit agents?

Hiring agents is a year-round initiative for many insurance organizations. However, many uplines experience a peak in contracting between June and October — right before enrollment season. 

What other agent management resources do you have?

Download our checklist, 6 Steps for Onboarding a New Agent to Your Agency, to set your new agents up for success and retain top talent with our Agent-Focused Retention Email/Text Templates.

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