[Templates] Agent Retention-Focused Email Templates + Workflow Recipes

Retaining agents at your insurance organization is imperative to being successful. Use these agent retention-focused email templates and workflow recipes to ensure your agents are supported and informed.

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When It Comes to Retaining Agents, Communication Is Key 

Your employees and agents are your biggest asset at your agency, GA, or IMO/FMO. Ensuring they are supported and have the necessary information to do their job is crucial to keeping them at your insurance organization. After all, it's more cost-effective to keep your current agents than to recruit and train new ones.

We created these email templates and workflow recipes to help you ensure that you communicate with your agents effectively and often.

Email templates included are:

  • New Agent Onboarding
  • Happy Birthday
  • Work Anniversary
  • License Expiration Date Approaching
  • Agent Feedback
  • Agent Recognition
  • Market or Industry Information
  • Upcoming Continuing Education (CE) Opportunities

Then, see how you can use automation to communicate more efficiently. Download the templates now to get started!

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Why is agent retention so necessary?

Recruiting and training new agents can be a costly and inefficient process. By cultivating an atmosphere where your agents want to stay at your agency, GA, or IMO/FMO, you create goodwill amongst your employees and can spend more time and resources elsewhere.

What other agent management resources do you have?

Download our checklist, 6 Steps for Onboarding a New Agent to Your Agency, to set your new agents up for success with an onboarding plan designed just for them. Then, see how the agent management features in AgencyBloc's AMS+ solution can help you streamline multi-agent communications.

Who is AgencyBloc?

AgencyBloc is the #1 Recommended Insurance Industry Growth Platform for health and life insurance agencies. Insurance organizations utilize AgencyBloc’s industry-specific AMS to house all client data, manage agents, and increase sales.