Working Remotely?

We pulled together some of our best resources to help you stay productive, maintain internal communication, and service clients as you and your team work remotely.

[Video] 5 Tips for Remote Sales Success



[Blog] 10 Tips for Working Remotely On Short Notice Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


While working remotely isn’t a new topic by any means, many insurance agencies are being thrown into it quickly amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Forbes reports that “the virtual business world...seems to be hailing remote work as the hero here to rescue the world from the economic repercussions of coronavirus.”

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[Downloadable Tool] 7 Questions Insurance Agents Must Ask About Data Migration


If your agency is quickly trying to migrate your data to a cloud-based solution, like an agency management system, to be able to better work remotely, these 7 questions can be helpful to know going into the data migration process.

This checklist gives you the 7 crucial questions you should be asking your software vendor about data migration plus what you should expect for an answer. 

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[Blog] 3 Tips for Creating Stronger Passwords & More Secure Accounts


Now is a really good time to review the security of your accounts you'll be accessing when working remotely. This blog points out out a few simple ways to greatly increase the security of your online accounts and lower your risk for a major data compromise or breach.

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[eBook] Automation for Life & Health Insurance Agencies: Using automated workflow to create efficiency & consistency


As many people work from home right now, normal work hours might look a little different. And you might be wondering how best to keep everything running smoothly amongst your team and with your clients.

In this eBook, you'll see where Automated Workflow can help your agency stay on top of tasks, maintain internal communication, follow up with new leads ASAP, and ensure client communication always happens when it should.

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[PDF Download] Beyond the Product Vendor Research Tool


If your agency is in the midst of trying to find an agency management system, we know you're probably working as quickly as possible. However, make sure you still do the research and ask the important questions!

Use this tool to learn what you should be researching about a software vendor and how you can find this information. Plus, we've included note pages to guide you through the process!

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[Guide] Running an Organized, Efficient Insurance Agency: Using an agency management system to improve business operations


If you've been considering an agency management system, especially now, read this guide! It goes through the overall benefits to your agency that you'll see long after working remotely is necessary.

In this guide, we discuss how to use an industry-specific agency management system to run an organized, efficient, and effective insurance agency.

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Want to jump into AgencyBloc to see if it might be the right fit for your agency?


Agencies with a cloud-based agency management system are able to easily work from anywhere. If you're wondering whether an AMS like AgencyBloc might be the right fit for you, test it out in a free trial!

AgencyBloc is the #1 Agency Recommended Management System for life and health insurance agencies that helps you grow your business with an industry-specific CRM, commissions processing, and integrated business and sales automation.

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