[Guest Webinar] Understanding Prescription Drug Plans: An Overview & How to Sell PDPs in 2024

Join this enlightening webinar to learn about the history of drug plans, best practices for selling prescription drug plans (PDPs) this enrollment season, and the major changes from the CMS Final Rule 2025.

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Prescription Drug Plans 101

There have been many questions about prescription drug plans (PDPs) lately. Between the CMS Final Rule 2025 and the upcoming Open Enrollment and Annual Election Periods, agents nationwide have reported feeling uneasy. 

To raise awareness about drug plans and what to expect in 2025, we invited experts Bill Hepscher and Marcie Strouse to give an in-depth look at the history of PDPs, best practices for selling PDPs, and what agents need to know.

Whether you already sell PDPs or are looking to broaden your portfolio, this webinar can provide additional insights to help your organization grow and stay informed.

Some questions we asked included:

  • Why are medications so expensive?
  • How did the CMS Final Rule 2025 affect PDPs?
  • What are the best ways to sell PDPs this enrollment season?
  • What questions should agents be prepared to answer about PDPs?
  • Are there any other new regulations coming for PDPs in the near future?

Join us Thursday, July 25th at 2 PM ET

Meet the Panelists:

Bill Hepscher (2) (1) (2)

Bill Hepscher

Founder of The Canadian Medstore

Marcie S.

Marcie Strouse

Benefits Consultant, Insurance Advisor, Business Owner at Capitol Benefits Group


Allison Babberl
Content Lead at AgencyBloc

What are PDPs?

Medicare Part D coverage, commonly called prescription drug plans or PDPs, helps to cover the cost of prescription drugs. Additionally, a PDP may lower beneficiaries' costs and protect them against higher costs. Part D coverage is a separate plan type from Original Medicare, Part A, and Part B.

What is the CMS Final Rule 2025?

Each year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launches a final rule, enacting changes that health insurance organizations must follow. Often, these rules include compliance changes. The 2025 rule included changes for commissions, upline partnerships, drug plans, and more.

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