[Webinar] 5 Ways to Streamline Your Group Benefits Renewals This Summer

Many group benefits insurance plans have a renewal date of July 1st. Is your team prepared? Join this webinar to learn how to streamline your processes, increase sales, and ensure retention.

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How to Streamline Summer Renewals for Group Benefits

Summer is just around the corner. Is your small group benefits team prepared to manage and renew all of your July 1st renewals?

The tools your team has can significantly impact the efficiency of your processes. We'll discuss how organizations use technology, including AgencyBloc's AMS+ and Quote+ solutions, to find success, sell more, and increase client retention.

In this webinar, we'll cover the following ways to streamline your group benefits renewal process:

  • Automate policy renewal alerts and communications
  • Simplify the scheduling process
  • Centralize multi-carrier quoting and comparison
  • Gather necessary medical health questionnaire surveys efficiently and accurately
  • Streamline the employee/dependent election and enrollment process



Join Us Thursday, June 6th at 12 PM ET

When do summer renewals peak?

Open Enrollment (OEP) and Annual Enrollment (AEP) seasons are peak periods for policy renewals. However, for large and small group benefits, there is a peak every summer around July 1st, too.

What is Quote+?

AgencyBloc's Quote+ solution is an all-in-one multi-carrier quoting, proposal generating, and enrollment tool that group benefits agencies and general agencies use to streamline sales and renewals yearly. 

What is AMS+?

AMS+ is an all-encompassing, industry-specific agency management system (AMS) designed to help your health and benefits team increase sales, improve client retention, and stay compliant.