[Performance Brief] Streamlined Sales Management: Using AgencyBloc to manage sales, close deals, and analyze performance

As an insurance agent, advisor, or broker, much of your time is focused on sales. Learn how an agency management system like AgencyBloc can streamline sales processes and provide in-depth analytics to help you close more deals.

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80% of Sales Require 5 (or more!) Follow-Ups

There are two aspects to sales management every successful agency puts focus on improving:

  • Speed to contact
  • Lead nurturing

To achieve these goals, agencies need to have the right technology in place. An industry-specific agency management system (AMS) with integrated sales management tools can lay the groundwork to help you streamline your sales. 

Each insurance agency works leads, but how you capture, manage, and nurture them makes a difference. 

In this performance brief, we'll discuss:

  • How to leverage automation to improve your speed-to-contact and lead nurturing initiatives
  • How agencies save 100+ hours each renewal season on client communication
  • Which sales features your AMS should include
  • Why agencies call AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline a "game-changer" for their enrollment season
  • The role analytics plays in improving your sales processes

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Melany P.

"Moving to AgencyBloc upgraded our ability to interact with our clients, our mental health, and our workflow. Our office has been able to focus on selling more policies and spending more time interacting with our clients. Our sales are up 11% in the last year."
—Melany P., The Integrity Group

Jennifer B.

"The Sales Pipeline and how visual it is has been a game-changer for us. We use it to see our internal processes and, in the long run, it'll give us better data that we can use to improve."
—Jennifer B., CSNW Benefits