[Free Resource] Pre-Designed Business Card Templates

You're a talented salesperson, but design might not be your strong point. We took the stress out of it for you and created pre-designed business cards you can use to stay top-of-mind with your prospects and leads.

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Creating a Connection

Business cards are one of the first impressions prospects have of your brand. Make a positive first impression with a business card that's eye-catching, effective, and, most importantly, on brand.

They've been around forever for a reason: they work. They're simple, affordable, and easy to use. Download these templates, customize them to your specific business, then send them to a professional printer. 

Included in your download are seven different editable Word document templates. Our layouts come in a variety of color combinations, fonts, and more to help you stand out!

Yes, I want free pre-designed business cards to hand out to my prospects and leads!

How do I use these templates?

Replace the text with your own, match the colors to those of your brand, and send it to print! For more ideas of best practices to keep in mind, check out the Thanks for Downloading document included in your free download.

Which information should I include?

Stick to the less is more idea and put down all the essential contact information: name, number, and address. It doesn't hurt to include "health insurance agent", "Medicare agent", or "life insurance agent" to help your prospects differentiate you from other people they meet.

Should I add my logo?

If you have space and it makes sense. Remember, business cards are small pieces, so you don't want to jam too much in and make it look cluttered. Also, if you choose to include your logo, be sure your logo is clear and crisp so it comes out looking its best.