[Free Templates] Policy-Related Email Templates for Agents & Advisors

To proactively communicate with clients and agents, use these policy-related, plain-text email templates.

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Be Proactive About Policy-Related Communications

Clients value communication from their agents and advisors. By ensuring you communicate proactively with clients about their policies, you’re demonstrating that you value the relationship as well.

When you manage your policies in an agency management system (AMS), identifying opportunities to communicate becomes a lot easier. Use tools within your AMS like reporting, email marketing, and workflow automation to deliver the message to the right person at the right time.

These plain-text templates provide you with messaging you can take and use immediately. They’re completely flexible, so you can edit as needed.

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What templates are included?

Templates included in this download:

  • Policy Application Submitted
  • Client Welcome
  • Policy Renewal is Approaching (Individual & Group)
  • Carrier Changes
  • Policy Termination (Client alert & Follow-up)

Can I edit these templates?

Please do! Any email you send should always reflect your agency's brand and communication style. Use these templates as inspiration for creating your own set to be used by your agents and advisors. 

How do I use these templates?

These templates are in PDF format. If you're using AgencyBloc already, the variable data fields used within the templates will be familiar. If you aren't, definitions for each have been provided so you can use your email provider's version of these fields.