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We want our technology to transform the organizations that use it, and we are proud to sponsor and support NAHU and its members with valuable education, industry expert content, and special client opportunities.


We are proud to partner with NAHU to help health insurance agencies automate their operations & gain more strategic insight into their overall business.

Special offer: NAHU members receive 50% off standard import fees!

Lynn Schreder, KHI Solutions

"AgencyBloc shows us where we've been, helps us plan for the future, and enables us to make things happen today."
—Lynn S., KHI Solutions
IAHU President 2016-17

Dominic S.

"AgencyBloc has helped us build our business. It's the perfect tool for benefits professionals. I think whether you're a general agent, one-man agency or a 25-person agency, AgencyBloc is perfect."
—Dominic S., Benefit Profiles Inc.
MAHU Exchange Liaison 2010-11

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AgencyBloc is proud to sponsor the NAHU Benefits Technology Certification!

The NAHU Benefits Technology Certification program (3.0 hours) will give you essential understanding of the various types of products and services available, how to assist your client with the discovery process about their known and unknown needs, helpful guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls associated with implementation and how to discuss associated costs.

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NAHU Benefits Technology Certification

Built Specifically for Life & Health Insurance Agencies

  • Industry-Specific CRM

    AgencyBloc is built with life and health insurance agencies in mind. Import your data and immediately start managing your agency more efficiently.

  • Commissions Processing

    AgencyBloc makes processing and reconciling simple, helps you recognize missed commissions, and allows you to maintain an overall view of your business.

  • Dashboard Analytics

    Be proactive about your agency’s performance. AgencyBloc generates real-time graphs and charts and has reporting tools so you're always aware of the "health" of your agency. 

  • Policy Management

    With AgencyBloc, connect policies with individuals and groups, set up automatic tasks or reminders for important dates on policies, and always be aware of the policy/product makeup of your agency.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automated workflow helps you spend less time on manual, time-consuming tasks. Automatically assign tasks to agents when a due date approaches or send emails to clients when their renewal date is near. Never miss a follow-up.

  • Email Marketing

    Grow your referral business and your client base by maintaining constant communication via email, and quickly and easily identify cross-selling opportunities.

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