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Marcie S.
Marcie S., Capitol Benefits, NABIP-Iowa Chapter Government Relations Chair

"AgencyBloc has taken my business to the next level. There are so many tools to help keep me efficient, and my clients love the communication. Now I don't have to only hope my commissions are being paid correctly either. Their staff is knowledgeable and engaged in the entire process. I would highly recommend AgencyBloc."

What NABIP Members Are Saying About AgencyBloc

  • "AgencyBloc has helped us build our business. It's the perfect tool for benefits professionals. I think whether you're a general agent, one-man agency, or a 25-person agency, AgencyBloc is perfect."


    Dominic S.Benefit Profiles Inc., MAHU Exchange Liaison 2010-11
  • "AgencyBloc shows us where we've been, helps us plan for the future, and enables us to make things happen today."


    Lynn S.KHI Solutions, NABIP-Iowa Chapter President 2016-17
  • "I truly did not know the value that I was getting when I first signed up with AgencyBloc. In the first year alone, my savings on commissions processing and recovering missing commissions payments more than paid for my AgencyBloc subscription. It has saved me money and it has made me money"


    Matt T.Central Ohio Group Insurance Agency, Inc., Columbus Chapter of NABIP

An Agency Management Platform for Life & Health Insurance Agencies

  • Industry-Specific CRM

    Manage prospects, clients, policies, agents, carriers, and more in an industry-specific CRM built with your needs in mind.

  • Commission Module

    AgencyBloc has helped agencies spend up to 85% less time processing commissions. The Commission Module saves you time and resources, helps you identify missed commissions, and gives you insightful commission insights.

  • Lead & Sales Management

    Effectively work leads and track sales opportunities through customizable board-view pipelines for every type of business you do.

  • Policy Management

    Effectively manage policies in a way that's simply not possible in generic CRMs. Track policyholder info, enrollments & elections, coverage data, and more.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automated workflow helps you spend less time on manual, time-consuming tasks. Automatically assign tasks to agents and send emails to clients so no important tasks or touchpoints are missed.

  • Dashboard Analytics & Reporting

    Get a quick glimpse on the health of your agency with real-time graphs and charts. Dive deeper for valuable insights through custom reporting.

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AgencyBloc is proud to sponsor the NABIP Benefits Technology Certification!

The NABIP Benefits Technology Certification program (3.0 hours) will give you essential understanding of the various types of products and services available, how to assist your client with the discovery process about their known and unknown needs, helpful guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls associated with implementation and how to discuss associated costs.

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