[Free Resource] 2024 Open Enrollment Email Templates for Insurance Agencies

Using automation, agencies can save 100 hours on email notifications and reminders to clients, prospects, and agents every enrollment season. These email templates will help you attract, convert, and retain clients.

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Put Automation Tools to Work This Open Enrollment Season 

Enrollment season is always hectic. Life and health insurance agencies have a lot to handle during this time: carrier updates, new products, client communication, lead follow-ups... the list goes on.

To tackle some of this, many agencies are turning to automation. Using an agency management system with built-in automation, agencies can save 50-100 hours in emails to clients/prospects and reminders to agents every Open Enrollment period. 

Using Automated Workflow in AgencyBloc, it's all possible!

We put together some email templates to help you start thinking about automation. These templates will help you understand what you can (and should!) automate this enrollment season.

Download the email templates!

When does the enrollment season start?

The 2024 enrollment season for life and health insurance agencies kicks off on October 15, 2023, with the Annual Election Period. Open Enrollment Period starts on November 1, 2023. Lastly, the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period begins on January 1, 2024. 

How does an Agency Management System help with enrollment season?

An AMS can help you stay on task and achieve more in less time during enrollment season. Workflow automation, personal task management, automated email campaigns, industry-specific reports, tailored lead forms, and integrated sales management are critical tools to leverage.

How do I use these templates?

The email templates are usable regardless of the email campaign builder you have. However, to use the other integrated features like Advanced Search, Automated Workflow, etc., you must have a subscription to AgencyBloc or an equivalent AMS with similar capabilities.