[Webinar] An Efficient Open Enrollment Season with AgencyBloc

Have a productive Open Enrollment season this year with the help of AgencyBloc. From acquiring leads to client retention, we cover the entire process in between. We discuss quoting, lead follow-up, policy tracking, client onboarding, commissions, and more. Plus, we help you set yourself up for success next year as well!

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Set Yourself Up for Success This Open Enrollment Season

In this webinar, Kellie from our Sales team guides you through how to use an agency management system to streamline your Open Enrollment season. 

We'll cover:

  • Lead tracking & follow-up best practices
  • Client welcome/onboarding
  • Policy management
  • Commissions processing
  • Cross-selling & client retention
  • Setting yourself up for success again next year!


steve-ogden-100Kellie Robbins
Key Account Sales Rep

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What are insurance agencies using to create efficiencies this OE season?

Life and health insurance agencies are turning to automation tools to save 100+ hours in client communication before and during Open Enrollment. Not only that, they can save at least 6 hours per week in lead distribution using these same tools. Learn more about automation tools in this webinar!

What are automation tools?

Agencies use this technology in their day-to-day processes, including during OE, to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Using data in your agency management system (AMS) such as policy dates and statuses, client interactions, and carrier information, you’re able to trigger when emails should be sent and activities created. We'll cover more areas you can use automation in this webinar.

How can you use an agency management system (AMS) this OE season?

An agency management system (AMS) is technology insurance agencies use to manage their contacts, policies, agents, carriers, and more. Plus, in certain systems (like AgencyBloc), agencies can also process commissions and automate workflow. This OE season, use an AMS to track leads, follow up with clients, manage policies, manage commissions, and more.