[PDF Download] New Agency Management System Onboarding Checklist

Set yourself up for success with your new agency management system by having a plan of adoption in place. Use this checklist to manage the change and ensure nothing gets overlooked.

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What to Expect During AMS Onboarding

You've completed the process of reviewing and selecting the right agency management system (AMS) for your insurance agency. Now what?

Welcome to the next step of the process: onboarding.

Software onboarding focuses on helping you to get up to speed with your new system. It's time you and your team set aside to learn, ask questions, experiment, and determine how your business will actually use the software. Likely, you'll navigate this process with a client service representative or someone from the vendor's team to ensure you're taking the appropriate steps. 

Use this checklist to ensure you're getting the most out of your onboarding time and that nothing is overlooked—including data migration. Note: This onboarding checklist is built with general software in mind, but the specific process you follow will be determined by the vendor you choose. 

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What is onboarding?

The process of moving to and learning a new system is what we call onboarding. This step starts immediately after you've purchased your new AMS and continues through initial training sessions and Q&A sessions to when you're utilizing the software and creating habits. 

How long does onboarding last?

The timeframe for onboarding depends on two major contributors: the software and you. The more time you and your team dedicate to learning the new software, the shorter your onboarding period can be. However, it also depends on how helpful and reliable your new customer service team is and the resources they provide you with for learning.

Does onboarding include data migration?

Yes! Your onboarding period should include the data migration process. It's one of the first steps for onboarding and one of the most crucial. Put together a plan for your data migration to ensure your data comes over correctly and is usable in your new AMS.