[PDF Download] New Agency Management System Onboarding Checklist

Manage the change and adoption of your new agency management system by ensuring nothing gets overlooked. This checklist is built for your success and help to make sure nothing falls between the cracks.

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What to Expect During AMS Onboarding

You've completed process of reviewing and selecting the right agency management system (AMS) for your insurance agency! Now what?

Welcome to the period called onboarding. Just like when you get a new phone to play with, the onboarding time of your new AMS is time for you to get up to speed with your new software.

To ensure your success with your new-found software, use this checklist to make sure you're getting the most out of your onboarding session. Use the notes page to ask questions, write down important things, and keep track of what you're trying to achieve. 

Included in your download is a PDF checklist is included for you to reference throughout your onboarding process. Additionally, there is a notes page at the end.

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Why are agencies moving to a new AMS?

Our 2019 technology survey found that nearly 30% of agencies planned to adopt a new agency management system this year. Many are making this move because an AMS provides them with the ability to work from anywhere, be more effective with their efforts, and make their processes more efficient.

What is onboarding?

The process of moving to and learning a new system is what we call onboarding. This phase starts immediately after you’ve purchased your new AMS and continues as you attend your initial training and ramp up to using the software 100%.

How long does onboarding last?

The timeframe for onboarding depends on two major contributors: the software and you. The more time you and your team dedicate to learning the new software, the shorter your onboarding time can be. However, it also depends on how helpful and reliable your new customer service team is.