[On-Demand Webinar] Neuromarketing: What it is and how to use it to grow your insurance agency

Join AgencyBloc's Sales Manager Steve Ogden as he discusses one of his favorite topics: neuromarketing. Learn what neuromarketing is, why sales agents need it, and how to start implementing it into your agency today!

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How to Speak Directly to the Brain

Neuromarketing is the process by which you speak, advertise, and sell directly to your prospects in a way they’ll truly grasp. 

It's a style of marketing. But, it takes marketing a step further by understanding not only who your prospect is but also how best to approach and sell to them. Neuromarketing gives you the tools to provide clear, concise, and meaningful communication to your prospects and clients.

In this webinar, Steve will discuss what neuromarketing is, why you need it in your selling arsenal, and share tips you can start using today to give yourself a leg-up on your competition. 

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Meet the Presenter:

steve-ogden-circle-100Steve Ogden
Sales Manager, AgencyBloc

With over 45 years of sales experience, you could say sales is in Steve's blood—especially when it comes to neuromarketing. Neuromarketing is a passion project for Steve. As soon as he joined AgencyBloc, he began to revolutionize how we approached sales, what we said, and the steps we took. Now, he's sharing his advice and insight with others. Come to learn and get excited as Steve has videos and more to share in this can't-miss webinar.

What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is a style of marketing. It studies the brain to create connections between typical sales and marketing tactics and matches them to how the brain actually works to find new tactics that speak to the person on a deeper level. 

Why did we host this webinar?

Neuromarketing is a passion of Steve's and an integral piece to successful sales. We believe in providing valuable and educational content you can use to help your health and life insurance agency achieve its goals.

Where can I learn more?

After you check out the webinar, head over to our Neuromarketing blog for more insight you can continue to use. Additionally, when it comes to neuromarketing, SalesBrain is one of the leading experts on the subject. Many of the pieces we share are from their research.