[Performance Brief] Life Insurance Sales: Using AgencyBloc to organize, automate, and grow your book of business by cross-selling life insurance

Learn how AgencyBloc can help you manage your life insurance business and tap into additional cross-sell opportunities.

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43% of Americans Don't Have Life Insurance1

Of the 57% that do, one third only have a basic group coverage plan. This gap presents an opportunity for agents to educate, court, and convert.

The key is to have an efficient, streamlined way to manage your life insurance book of business and identify new life business opportunities. It's paramount that agencies who sell life insurance as a cross-sell opportunity have an easy and effective way to identify gaps in life insurance so they can actively pursue and convert them. This ultimately allows agents to grow their book of business and reach their goals.

In this performance brief, you'll learn:

  • How people engage in life insurance and where there are gaps

  • How an efficient way to manage your life insurance and cross-sell books of business is key to your success

  • How one agency used AgencyBloc's Cross-Sell Report to grow their life book of business by 20%

1 Best Life Rates

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Dolorese W.

"We absolutely love AgencyBloc. We looked for years; the options were either too expensive or wouldn’t allow us to run both group and life in the same system. AgencyBloc allows us to put all of our data in one system and, to make it better, it’s made for our industry!"
—Dolorese W., Bujold, Colburn & Steele

Mark B.

"We’ve found the reports to be extremely beneficial in helping us track our book of business. By using the cross-sell report in AgencyBloc, our top two brokers have each been able to grow their life books of business by 20%!"
—Mark B., Thompson-Brooks Insurance