[Free PDF] Life Insurance Sales Checklist for Agents and Their Clients

The most effective way to show your prospects and clients the value of life insurance is by first getting to know them and understanding their needs and wants. Use this checklist to make sure all your bases are covered when selling life insurance.  

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See how you can convert more life insurance leads into loyal clients...

When a prospect (or an existing client that doesn't yet have coverage!) comes to you interested in a life insurance policy, you might think the work is done. But life insurance policies are not one-size-fits-all.

By getting to know your clients' needs and wants, you increase your chances of conversion. In addition, you set them up with a policy that is best suited for them and their loved ones. In this checklist, we cover: 

  • Client needs assessment tools
  • How to overcome objections that may come up
  • Using visual aids to communicate more effectively
  • How to use automation to provide educational tools to leads
  • And more!

As you sell life insurance, use this checklist to make sure nothing is missed and prepare for what may arise.

Plus, use the provided client needs checklist to gauge what matters most to your leads interested in life insurance!

Download the PDF now!

What does the client needs checklist consist of?

The checklist covers:

  • Income information
  • Expenses they would ideally like to be covered by life insurance
  • Budget
  • And more!

Can technology help me be more efficient when selling life insurance?

Using management software like an agency management system (AMS) or a CRM can help you stay organized and make your information easier to find. Even better, if the system you adopt has automation capabilities (like AgencyBloc's Automated Workflow feature), it can potentially do some of the work for you. 

Do you have more content about life insurance?

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