[Free Templates] Life Insurance Emails & Workflow Recipes

Spread awareness for life insurance, expand your cross-sell opportunities, and convert more policies with these email templates and workflow recipes.

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52% of Adults in the USA Have Life Insurance Coverage

Life insurance is one of the critical coverages everyone should have, but only a little over half of the US adult population currently have a policy. As an insurance broker, it's essential to showcase the importance of life insurance coverage to your clients. 

To help you increase awareness and sell more policies, we put together these life insurance email templates and workflow recipes you can use immediately. 

Workflow automation can streamline your lead nurturing and cross-selling processes to increase your chances of conversion. Use these free email templates and workflow recipes to enhance your agency's sales initiatives and convert more life insurance policies.

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What templates are included?

Workflow and email templates included in this download:

  • Cross-selling life insurance
  • New product offerings
  • Happy anniversary
  • Happy birthday
  • Newsletters

Can I edit these templates?

Absolutely! Any email you send should always reflect your agency's brand and communication style. Use these templates and workflow automation recipes as inspiration for creating your own to use by your agents and advisors. 

How do I use these templates?

These PDF templates are accessible for all PC and Mac users. If you're using AgencyBloc, the variable data fields, and the adjoining workflows will be familiar. If you aren't, definitions for each have been provided so you can use your email provider's version of these fields. Accompanying workflow automation will depend on the services your system provides.