[PDF Download] 10 Cross-Sell Ideas for Life & Health Insurance Agencies

Deepen your relationship with your clients by ensuring they have adequate life and health insurance coverage by using these 10 cross-sell ideas.

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Grow Your Client Relationships With Cross-Selling

Cross-selling gives you an opportunity to build better client relationships by ensuring your clients have adequate coverage for their life and health insurance needs. Run a cross-sell report in your industry-specific agency management system (AMS) or generic CRM to identify which of your clients have X coverage type but don't have Y coverage type with your agency.

Using this report, you can have more informed conversations with your clients and ensure they don't have gaps in their coverage. Plus, you can:

  • Improve your chances of retention
  • Increase the likelihood of referrals
  • Improve your bottom line

Use this tool for more ideas on the cross-sell opportunities your agency can target and put together a plan to start converting more of your cross-sells. 

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What is cross-selling?

Merriam-Webster defines cross-sell as: “to sell or promote (a different or related product or service) to an existing customer.”

What do I need to identify cross-sell opportunities?

To run a cross-sell report, you will need to be able to:

  • Track policy and client data together in the same software/location
  • Access that information at the same time
  • Download the data into a report—usually in the form of a spreadsheet

Does AgencyBloc allow me to identify cross-sell opportunities?

Of course! You can run a policy cross-sell report in AgencyBloc in minutes and identify which clients are missing what types of coverage with your agency.