[On-Demand Webinar] Vendor Vetting: Making the right technology decisions for your insurance agency

Join AgencyBloc's Sales Manager Steve Ogden as he discusses why the people behind the product matter and how to do your due diligence in researching each software company.

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Going Beyond the Software 

Every day, agencies are researching software choices, like agency management systems or CRMs, to decide which system is right for their agency. Throughout this process, though, it can be easy to overlook whether the people behind the software are also the right fit.

The software choices you make impact vital areas of your business. You should be looking for a true partnership with your software vendor and its people, not just the product.

In this webinar, Steve discusses the four most important areas to research about software companies before a demo, the questions to be sure to ask during the demo, and more. 

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Meet the Presenter:

steve-ogden-circle-100Steve Ogden
Sales Manager, AgencyBloc

As AgencyBloc's Sales Manager, Steve is passionate about ensuring that insurance agencies in the market for an agency management system (AMS) or CRM understand the importance of researching beyond the product. He's excited to share how your agency can be sure that, not only is the software the right fit, but the people behind it support your agency's goals, as well.

What is vendor vetting?

Vendor vetting is going beyond the product demo to research the software company and its people. It helps you identify how well the company itself will support your agency in the day-to-day, but also your high-level goals, as well. 

What should agencies research about software vendors?

Steve is going to cover four major areas all insurance agencies should research about software vendors: Company history, reviews, social media/online presence, and security.

Where can I learn more?

For a basic overview before the webinar, check out our blog: What You Need to Know: The People Behind the Product. Steve will be diving further into the details, but this blog is a good piece to review before the webinar.