[Performance Brief] Protecting Your Agency’s Income: How to uncover your agency’s missed and inaccurate commissions

Learn how an industry-specific agency management system (AMS) like AgencyBloc can help you uncover inaccurate and missed commission payments so you receive everything you're due.

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50% of Insurance Agencies Use Software to Manage and Process Their Commissions

In recent years, insurance agencies have increasingly been making the switch to insurance-specific agency management systems (AMS) for tracking and processing their commissions. Among the many benefits of tracking and processing commissions within an AMS is the ability to easily identify when commission payments are missing from carriers. Without this technology, agencies are unable to fully ensure what they expect to be paid is what they receive.

In this performance brief, we'll discuss:

  • How an AMS identifies missed carrier commission payments

  • Why tracking actual vs. expected commissions in important

  • How agencies are using this to their advantage to be more competitive

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Brian K.

"We now pay over 200 brokers and agents on a monthly basis, cut processing time by 30%, and our volume has increased 10 times."
—Brian K., BOST Workplace Benefits

Becca D.

"We have been using AgencyBloc for about a year and a half. In that time frame, we've been able to recover $69,000 in missing compensation."
—Becca D., United Producers Group