[Free Templates] Health & Life Insurance Sales Pipeline Recipes

Create consistency in your sales processes by documenting and visualizing them in a sales pipeline. A sales pipeline helps you see your processes in-depth to identify successes and where changes could be made.

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Implementing Process Management Boosts Your Success Rate by 70%*

Having solid businesses processes in place make your agency more efficient, more productive, and more successful. This includes sales processes.

Visualizing your sales processes through sales pipelines gives your agents a clear view of what they need to do. Pipelines are data-driven, proven processes that give you the tools to succeed and reach your goals. 

Every health and life insurance agency has a sales process, whether they're laid out in pipelines or not. Use these free templates to document your processes, make improvements, and ensure consistency throughout your agency. There are example pipelines for Employee Benefits, Medicare, Life Insurance, Agent Recruitment, Renewals, and Ancillary Products/Cross-Sell Opportunities. 



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What is a sales pipeline?

A sales pipeline is a visualization of your sales process. It documents each step of the process to help create consistency in your agency, assist with training, and ensure everyone knows what to do and when.

Should I create multiple pipelines?

The number of pipelines you have should correlate with the number of unique products you sell. Each product has its own sales cycle and process, and you want to reflect that with different pipelines to ensure consistency and success.

How do I use these templates?

These templates are in PDF format so that you can open them from any device. Use these templates to help your agency start documenting and visualizing your sales processes. Take it further and use sales pipeline software to streamline your efforts.