[Guide] Providing Value to Clients: Onboarding, cross-selling, & reporting

In this guide, we discuss the importance of having effective processes around client onboarding, cross-selling, and client reporting. With the right technology, your agency can deliver a positive and valuable customer experience.

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Let's Talk About Customer Experience

Providing value to clients isn’t only important to make the sale. It’s crucial to continue this experience throughout your relationship. Otherwise, you’re at risk of losing your client.

An effective onboarding process sets the tone and expectations for your relationship. Using these simple steps, you can ensure that your client never feels buyer's remorse. In addition, you can keep the lines of communication open so you’re more likely to retain that client. With the right technology, both can be automated.

Cross-selling is the most obvious touchpoint an advisor or agent makes with his or her clients. However, the way you do it is critical. Regularly identify and review cross-sell opportunities so you’re always providing value to clients.

Consistently reporting on and analyzing your clients is key to a long relationship. Using tools like AgencyBloc’s Dashboard Analytics and Custom Reporting make it easy and quick to analyze data.

So, how can you make sure you’re doing these three things with all of your clients? This guide shows you how!

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How can I provide value to clients?

The first step to providing value is to understand your clients’ needs and goals. This exploration should happen before the sale but should also continue throughout your client/advisor relationship.

What tools will I need?

To provide a positive customer experience, you need clean, organized data. From there, you’ll need an AMS/CRM that allows you to easily communicate with clients, identify cross-sell opportunities, and run additional reports on them.

How can I increase my retention rate?

The top-performing agencies have retention rates between 93-95%. Having processes in place for onboarding, cross-selling, and client reporting are sure to improve retention rates.