[Performance Brief] Streamlining Open Enrollment: How to create efficiencies and increase profitability with AgencyBloc

Learn how an industry-specific agency management system can help your agency save time and money, centralize client communications, improve client retention, and automate your processes.

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Agencies can save 100+ hours in client communication

Open Enrollment can be an incredibly stressful time for agents.

Between client service, quoting, enrolling, onboarding, and continued care, there is very little time for agents to do much else. Using industry-specific technology like an agency management system (AMS) with workflow automation can help you save time and work smarter to achieve your goals this enrollment season. 

You'll learn:

How industry-specific technology can help your agency save in big ways
How AgencyBloc clients are saving 100+ hours every Open Enrollment Period in client communications
The benefits of using sales automation to streamline your processes

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Pam S.

AgencyBloc is awesome! Last year we saved a minimum of 40 hours (a whole week!) during Open Enrollment. Anyone in life and health, individual business, and Medicare knows we're constantly under a time crunch, so the time savings is priceless.
—Pam S., Redline Health

Jason M.

Automated Workflow has allowed us to stay in more efficient and effective contact with our clients, prospects, and leads, saving us over 100 hours every renewal period in sending renewal notices to our clients.
—Jason M., Milz Health Group