[PDF Download] 6 Sales Pipeline Recipes

Every agency has a sales process. Use a sales pipeline to track your efforts, monitor your conversions, and make smart pivots that equal success in the future.

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What is your sales process?

Whether you have it documented or not, you follow a general process to take someone from interested to invested.

A sales pipeline is the manifestation of that process. It gives you the
visual representation of what is happening in your sales funnel, what your sales cycle is, and where you are succeeding.

In most sales pipeline or sales management software, you have a few key elements:

  • Lead tracking
  • Opportunity (or deal/sale) tracking
  • Sales forecasting
  • Conversion tracking

These fundamental elements help you to track what you’re doing and the outcome of your efforts. Using this information, you can make more informed decisions for the future regarding hiring needs, resource allocation, diversification, training, and more.

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What is the benefit of sales management software?

Sales management software, like AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline, gives you the tools to better monitor your sales efforts and how you're reaching your goals. This gives you critical insight to help you plan for the future.

What is a sales pipeline?

A sales pipeline is the visual representation of your sales process. Your sales process includes your sales initiatives, your goals, sales cycle, and style (or methodology). Your agency's sales process is the general map you and your agents follow to take a person/group from interested to invested. 

What can I do with AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline?

AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline integrates with our industry-specific CRM with leading sales management software to give you more visibility and control over the different parts of your business. Combining the CRM and Sales Pipeline feature creates a full-service model that you can use to attract, convert, and retain.