[PDF Download] 7 Questions to Ask AMS Vendors About Commissions Processing

Use this tool to identify the commission questions you should be asking AMS vendors and the answers you may want to look for. 

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Create Efficiencies in Your Commissions Process

The software choices you make impact vital areas of your business—especially commissions.

Every agency processes and manages commission payments, so it's essential that the software you choose provides you with the commission tools you need.

When looking for a new agency management system (AMS), you want to ensure it can efficiently and effectively process your commissions and help you create streamlined processes. Knowing the right questions to ask can make all of the difference in helping you find your agency's best software fit.

This tool goes through the top commissions-related questions we hear, PLUS the ones we wish you'd ask.

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How will this tool benefit me?

Use this tool to aid your team in your search for a new AMS for your agency that will help you save time, create efficiencies, and streamline commissions processing.

Does every AMS process commissions?

Software isn't made equally, so the features and functionality will vary. We encourage you to use this tool to help you remember all of the important questions to ensure you find your agency's best fit.

Who is AgencyBloc?

AgencyBloc is the #1 Agency Recommended Management System for life and health insurance agencies. We also offer the best-in-class Commission Module with our industry-specific CRM.