[Downloadable Templates] Case Study Templates for Health & Life Insurance Agencies

Case studies are an effective sales tool to help convert your prospects into loyal clients. Create case studies in a professional and easy-to-duplicate manner with these templates!

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Creating Case Studies

Remember, the service you provide is what sets you apart from every other agency in the industry. Using case studies to show your track record with current clients can make the difference between sold and lost.

In a case study, you show how you solved a real-life problem for a client by coming up with a solution that helped them. Your case study can help prospects facing similar circumstances better understand who you are and how you can assist.

Use these templates to present your case studies professionally and make an impact on your sales process. Included are three different editable Word document templates to fit your brand and style!

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Do I need case studies?

The benefit of a case study is to help your prospects relate to you on a deeper level. They can learn how you have worked with clients like them to overcome problems and find solutions. Your current prospects can build trust in you by reading about how you helped those clients.

How many case studies should I have?

When it comes to case studies, quality far outweighs quantity. Look for problems you hear repeatedly. Most likely, your current prospects already face some of these problems. Then, when your prospect brings up the problem, you can send them the case study for documented evidence of how you were able to assist.

Who should I contact for a case study?

You want to make sure you're partnering with the right client to make a case study. Look for a client who faced a significant challenge or a case where you were able to save them a lot of time or money. These are your prime opportunities to emphasize the benefits of using your services over those of your competitors.