[PDF Download] 9 Questions To Ask During Your Sales Demo Checklist

When you invest in new technology to manage your life and health book of business, you’re investing in a partner. Make sure you're entering into the right partnership by asking the right questions. We've pulled together some of our top questions and provided you with note pages to help you make the right choice in software for your agency.

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Who are you partnering with?

Asking questions up front can help you better determine and understand if the software vendor is the right partner for you. Remember, you're making this partnership to help YOU achieve YOUR goals. 

To help you make the right decision for your agency, we've pulled together some of the top questions we've received and ones we encourage our prospects to ask. 

Use this checklist to help ensure you don't forget to ask any pertinent questions during your sales demo. Plus, we've included note pages for you to write down what you learn so you can revisit later when you make a decision!

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Why should I ask these questions?

You'll want to ensure you are making the right choice in partner when you choose your next agency management system (AMS) to help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. These questions help to give you a better sense of who the vendor is and how they can help you improve your day-to-day and make your agency more efficient and profitable. Plus, you'll learn about how they can support you throughout the entire process.

Should I set up a demo with multiple vendors?

It's a good idea to demo a variety of software platforms to ensure the choice you're making is the right one for your agency. Keep in mind, not all software is built the same, so make sure to ask all of these questions and keep notes on their answers to help you keep each one straight.

How will this tool benefit me?

Using this tool, you'll have a full understanding of who you're going to be working with, not just an understanding of the product itself. After all, your team will be counting on more than just the software—think data migration, ongoing service, security, etc.