[Free PDF] 7 Steps to Onboarding a New Client

Handle your new clients with care by following these seven steps that'll help you onboard your new client and start your new partnership off on the right foot. These 7 steps outline how you can use workflow automation in tandem with your industry-specific agency management system (AMS) to implement a cohesive and effective onboarding strategy.

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Prospect to client, then what?

Congratulations! You've successfully converted another prospect into a client, but now what?

Regardless if they're a new client or old, communication is important to them. So start the new partnership off right by building out an onboarding process centered around them.

These 7 steps utilize the abilities of AgencyBloc's Automated Workflow to help you streamline your onboarding efforts and create a process that's both beneficial for you and your new client. 

Bonus! With the help of Automated Workflow, all you have to do is set these up once and your onboarding process will run on its own from there!

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Is onboarding necessary?

Very. Onboarding is an opportunity for a new client to get a better feeling for you and your newly forged partnership. It's also a tell-tale time for them to decide if you're the right fit for them and their future needs.

What tools do I need?

It's beneficial to have an agency management system (AMS) with workflow automation in place. This tool, in particular, can help you simplify and streamline your efforts to make the process as efficient and effective as possible for your new client.

Should I have a documented process for onboarding?

A documented process comes in handy to ensure all of your new clients are receiving the necessary information they need to be successful with your agency. Plus, if E&O problems arise, you can refer back to the process as your audit trail.