[Performance Brief] What's Hiding in Your Data: Using AgencyBloc to gain valuable insights from your book of business

Learn how AgencyBloc can help you monitor the health of your insurance agency through industry-specific reporting and in-depth analysis so you can make more informed business decisions for the future.

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79% of Executives: "Not Embracing Big Data Could Cause Loss of Competitive Position & Risk Extinction"1

Research shows that using data analytics extensively can help boost profits—almost double over your competitors who don't. 

 To do this, you need a way to turn your big data into digestible, understandable smart data. It's essential for life and health insurance agencies to have a process that helps them better understand performance and plan for the future.

In this performance brief, we'll discuss:

  • The 5 powerful benefits of data analysis

  • How agencies just like yours are using data analysis to stay ahead of their competition 

  • How one agency uses AgencyBloc to save 1,000 hours and $30,000 in creating/generating reports annually

1 Forbes

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Ashley E.

"In our previous system, it was hard to access all of the information we wanted in one report. With AgencyBloc, the reports are completely customizable, and you can pull all of the data points you’re looking for in one report."
—Ashley E., Seniority Benefit Group

David K.

"We love the product and all the efficiencies we have experienced with the workflow process and reporting options that AgencyBloc provides us. AgencyBloc is very user-friendly, and if we ever have a question, they are quick to respond and provide a resolution."
—David K., Boomer Benefits