[Performance Brief] Increasing Revenue & Retention: How to efficiently identify and act upon cross-sell opportunities

Cross-sells are crucial to growing your revenue, retention, and referrals. Learn how you can more efficiently identify and act upon your cross-sell opportunities with an industry-specific agency management system, like AgencyBloc.

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New Prospects Cost 25 Times More Than Existing Clients1

Selling to an existing client is smarter and more beneficial than acquiring a new prospect. Existing clients bring with them loyalty, trust, referrals, and more money.

However, lacking an efficient way to identify and act upon potential cross-sell opportunities puts a strain on agents' productivity. Agencies need a solution that allows them to quickly find and work opportunities so that it actually happens.

In this performance brief, we'll discuss:

  • Why agencies need an efficient system to identify cross-sell opportunities

  • The 3 main pros you find with cross-sells

  • How one agency used AgencyBloc's Cross-Sell Report to grow their life book of business by 20%

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Mark B.

"We’ve found the reports to be extremely beneficial in helping us track our book of business. By using the cross-sell report in AgencyBloc, our top two brokers have each been able to grow their life books of business by 20%!"
—Mark B., Thompson-Brooks insurance

Melany P.

"Moving to AgencyBloc upgraded our ability to interact with our clients, our mental health, and our workflow. Our office has been able to focus on selling more policies and spending more time interacting with our clients. Our sales are up 11% in the last year."
—Melany P., The Integrity Group