[Free Templates] Oversized Postcards to Send to Your Clients, Leads, and Agents

Over-sized postcards can help you get noticed by your leads, clients, and agents by standing out amongst the rest of the mail. In addition, it's the perfect opportunity for you to stay in touch and raise the bar of communication.

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Growing during AEP

Annual Eleciton Period (AEP) can be crazy, but it's a fantastic opportunity for your agency to grow. One great way to stay in contact with your audience is via direct mail. Although the 65+ market is becoming increasingly tech-savvy, they still heavily rely on and trust in direct mail.

Ninety-eight percent of Americans open and check their mail every day, so communicating via direct mail is more sure-fire way to ensure your message is being seen. On the whole, many people enjoy receiving direct mail because it's more personable and thoughtful. 

Keep in mind, 77% of people actually take the moment to sort through their mail, so eye-catching design is key. So an oversized postcard will surely stand out.

Included are 4 Word doc templates and a "best practices" PDF to give you some insight for printing, guidelines to consider, and other helpful tips to make these postcards as successful as possible.

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When does AEP start?

The 2020 Annual Election Period runs from October 15, 2019 - December 7, 2019. This period is also known as Medicare Open Enrollment.

Who should I send these postcards to?

Direct mail is on the cheaper end for marketing budgets, so it's a great option to send to your clients, prospects, leads, agents—everyone! 

When can I start sending these out?

You cannot advertise 2020 AEP before October 1, 2019. This includes using the terminology Annual Election Period and AEP.