[Webinar] The Secrets Your Data Holds & How to Unlock Them!

In this webinar, learn how to identify the metrics that will help you track progress towards business goals and what tools (like real-time analytics and custom reporting) can help you gather this data regularly.

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Use Real-Time Analytics & Custom Reporting to Unlock Business Insights

Have you ever found yourself knowing exactly WHAT you want to know, but aren't sure HOW to get at that data?

In this webinar, Tasha from our Client Success Onboarding team demonstrates how insurance agencies use real-time analytics and custom reporting to gain deep insight into their business and are able to make more informed decisions because of it. 

We'll cover:

  • How to maintain clean, complete data to make reporting a breeze
  • How to create genuinely useful reports and avoid focusing on "vanity" metrics
  • How to align business goals with regular reporting
  • + we show examples of common reports agencies run!


tasha-fitzgerald-100Tasha Fitzgerald
Onboarding Specialist

Watch the Recording:

What are real-time analytics?

Real-time analytics are graphs and charts that are produced automatically on an agency's dashboard. They constantly update as new data becomes available so you're always looking at the latest insights. Learn what insurance agencies draw from these in this webinar!

What are custom reports?

Through custom reporting, agencies are able to filter to the exact data they're looking for and then pick and choose which columns of data to show. In this webinar, Tasha will talk about best practices for creating useful reports, and she'll also give you a peek at AgencyBloc's Custom Reporting.

What are "vanity" metrics?

You don't want to run reports just for the sake of running reports. You also don't want to be distracted by metrics that don't actually help you view progress towards a goal. In this webinar, Tasha will discuss how to align your reporting with your agency's business goals.