[Guide] The Insurance Agency’s Guide to Lead & Sales Management

In this guide, you’ll learn how to close more deals by choosing the right sales methodology, processes, and tools for your prospecting and sales teams.

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Building a Powerful Sales Team with Effective Processes & Tools

​As ​an ​organization ​that ​advises​ on​ and ​sells ​health ​insurance​ and​ benefits, you​ know​ the​ value​ of​ having ​clearly ​defined​ and​ documented​ sales processes​ —​ ones​ that ​any​ new​ agent​ or ​employee​ could ​come ​in​ and ​pick ​up ​immediately.​ You​ also​ understand​ the​ importance ​of​ tracking ​leads​ and deals ​from ​start to ​close ​in​ order​ to​ gauge​ the ​effectiveness​ of​ your​ marketing​ and ​sales ​initiatives,​ determine​ potential​ revenue,​ set​ benchmarks,​ and​ easily​ examine​ your​ team’s​ productivity.

However, ​many​ sales​ tools​ aren’t​ designed​ specifically​ for​ your​ industry and​ aren’t​ connected​ to ​other ​tools​ your ​team​ utilizes.​ Thus,​ creating​ manageable​ and​ effective​ processes ​and​ finding​ the​ right ​technology​ for​ your ​agency​ can​ be​ difficult.

In ​this​ guide,​ you’ll​ learn ​how​ to​ close​ more​ deals ​by​ choosing​ the​ right​ sales​ methodology​ and ​processes.​ You’ll​ also​ get​ a​ glimpse ​into AgencyBloc’s​ AMS+​ solution,​ which​ provides​ sales-specific​ tools​ for​ health insurance ​agencies​ and​ uplines.​ AMS+​ is​ part​ of AgencyBloc’s​ Plus ​Suite​ of​ industry-specific​ solutions​ for​ health​ insurance​ organizations.

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What are sales methodologies?

Sales teams use sales methodologies to keep their efforts focused. It’s the WHY behind their selling. Sales methodologies guide what producers and agents think about when speaking with prospects and clients.

What are sales processes?

A sales process is a defined map of repeatable steps you take to convert a prospect into a client. It’s something every salesperson inherently does but may not have documented steps in place.

What is AgencyBloc's AMS+ Solution?

AMS+ is an all-encompassing, industry-specific agency management system designed to help your team increase sales, improve client retention, and stay compliant.