[Guide] The Insurance Agency’s Guide to Lead & Sales Management: Methodologies, processes, and tools that work

In this guide, you’ll learn how to close more deals by choosing the right sales methodology, processes, and tools for your team.

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Building a Powerful Sales Team with Effective Processes & Tools

As someone who advises on and sells life and health insurance and benefits, you know the value of having clearly defined and documented sales processes—ones that any agent could come in and pick up immediately. You also understand the importance of tracking leads and deals from start to close to better gauge the effectiveness of your marketing & sales initiatives, determine potential revenue, set benchmarks, and easily examine the productivity of your team.

However, many sales tools out there today aren’t geared towards your industry specifically and aren’t connected to other tools your agency utilizes. Thus, creating manageable and effective processes and finding the right technology for your team can be difficult.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to close more deals by choosing the right sales methodology and processes. You’ll also get a glimpse into AgencyBloc’s Sales Pipeline, a sales tool created specifically for life and health insurance agencies that’s connected to the already powerful industry-specific CRM, Commission Module, and automation and reporting tools.

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What are sales methodologies?

Sales teams use sales methodologies to keep their efforts focused. It’s the WHY behind their selling. Sales methodologies guide what producers and agents think about when speaking with prospects and clients.

What are sales processes?

A sales process is a defined map of repeatable steps you take to convert a prospect into a client. It’s something every salesperson inherently does but may not have documented steps in place.

What is AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline?

AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline is a feature within our industry-specific agency management system that sales teams use to track leads and opportunities, forecast potential revenue, and close more deals.