[PDF Download] 7 Questions Insurance Agents Must Ask About Data Migration

A guide to the 7 questions you should be asking your software vendor about data migration into (and out of!) your next agency management system.

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Find Your Perfect Fit.

If you're in the market for a new agency management system (AMS), then you already have a lot on your mind. 

Data migration is often overlooked when other bells, whistles, and fancy flair come into play. Make sure you're asking all of the important questions and getting a complete understanding of the system you're buying before you sign the contract.

This checklist gives you the 7 crucial questions you should be asking your software vendor about data migration plus what you should expect for an answer. 

Free worksheet included for you to jot down notes during your conversations with vendors to help you keep all of your thoughts together.

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What is data migration?

Techopedia defines data migration as "the process of transporting data between computers, storage devices, or formats."

When should I ask these questions?

It's best to ask these questions during the vendor vetting stage. Having these answers can help you to ensure the software is the right partner for your agency.

Which systems can I migrate from to AgencyBloc?

Any system as long as you can export your data into a spreadsheet. We've had migrations from generic CRMs, other AMS software, homegrown solutions, paper files, and spreadsheets—just to name a few.