[Guide] The 13 Performance Metrics Insurance Agencies Should Track, Monitor, & Analyze

To reach any goal your agency has, you must track your performance towards it, analyze, and make adjustments where necessary. That is why insurance agencies are craving better ways to track their book of business and capture actionable insight from it.

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Performance Metrics for Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies are craving better ways to track their book of business and capture actionable insight from it. After all, the more you know about your current performance, the better you can make adjustments to improve performance in the future.

While performance metrics that are important to one agency might be irrelevant to another, it's still helpful to take a look at general metrics you could be tracking. Using these examples, you can modify or create completely new ones to help your agency work towards its goals.

In this guide, you'll find:

Examples of performance metrics insurance agencies should track & analyze
Why these metrics are important for increasing agency efficiency & growth
How to use an agency management system to track, monitor, and analyze these metrics
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Why is data tracking and analysis important?

All insurance agencies have goals, whether it's to increase revenue, improve client relations, cross-sell more, or all the above. Whatever your high-level goal is, there are countless smaller goals leading up to that. For this reason, it’s crucial to track performance at every level so you always know where to adjust to keep moving forward.

Which metrics should I track?

It can be hard to know which metrics your agency should be tracking and how often you should be looking at these data points. Every agency will be different in what they’ll look at, but you should track metrics that align with goals you’ve set for yourself and your agency. In this eBook, we’ll cover performance metrics that will provide insight for any agency, regardless of size.

What do I need to effectively analyze data?

Everyone digests information differently, and everyone prefers to view data differently. We all have a “favorite” way to analyze data. So, having multiple ways to visualize your data is important. In this section, we’ll cover three main ways to congregate and visualize data within an agency management system.